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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Procrastination II - Task. Planning strategies

Tackling Procrastination

Procrastination is a habit, and like any other habitual action, it can be overcome. Let's see 4 steps to break the procrastination cycle.

  1. The Cue: That's what activates procrastination. It's like an "evil genius" who has directed his entire effort to get you away from your work. It can be a Facebook or a WhatsApp message, your favorite film on TV or whatever distracting factors.
  2. The Routine: It is the habitual response your brain is used to falling into when it receives the cue. Having a new system or a new habit is the best response. When you have a new system or a new habit, no willpower is needed -willpower uses a lot of neural resources. A system or a habit is something you do on a regular basis and getting new ones avoid procrastination and no willpower is required. Rewiring your old habits is the key to having a system. 
  3. The Reward: Finding ways to reward your good study habits is essential to escaping procrastination. Once your brain starts expecting the reward, the important rewiring takes place and that will allow you to create new habits.
  4. The Belief: The belief is the conviction that you can change your procrastination habit for a new system. The more you check out your new system works, the more you gain trust in your new system and the more it makes you feel good to do it again.

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