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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Procrastination I - Situation

Situation – identify relevant issues or problems. 

Procrastination is one of the most relevant problems for learners. Procrastination means postponing something that must be done, that is, deferring action. Undoubtedly, procrastination is "the thief of time."

Calvin and Hobbes. Procrastination

How does procrastination work?

Procrastination funneling ©Kevin Mendez, 2014.

What occurs when you procrastinate? You activate the areas of your brain associated with pain. Your stress level increases so you are not completing what you feel like an unpleasant task. That's a reaction that appears when you have to do something that you don't want to do, you don't enjoy doing it, or simply you are convinced you are not able to do it.

Are you familiar with the following tale? Think about it and identify why you constantly do things at the last minute.


This morning I got up and got ready quickly because I had to get a lot of stuff done. And sat down at my desk just started getting my stuff done and I spilled my coffee so I got a sponge to clean it up and I figured I’d take an extra minute to clean the whole desk because a clean desk could help me get my stuff done. 

When I was finished I realized I hadn’t eaten anything and I didn’t wanna be hungry while I got my stuff done. So I went into the kitchen and I was out of cereal. 

When I got to the grocery store I remembered a bunch of other crap I needed to get and I figured I was already there and so I did my shopping for the week so I didn’t have to worry about it while I got my stuff done.

 When I got home I didn’t feel like cereal anymore and so I made an omelette and  I did the dishes so I wouldn’t have to do them after I got my stuff done. And then, then I went out to get some oil from the hardware’s store because my desk chair is kind of squeaky and I didn’t wanna be distracted by a squeaky chair while I got my stuff done. 

When I got back it was getting kind of late and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get my stuff done today so I started watching "The Twilight Zone" marathon on TV.

 I just have to make sure I get to bed early because I want to be well-rested tomorrow so I can get my stuff done.

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